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The WeTeachTruth Schools.
Where Jesus makes all the difference.


There’s something different when you walk through the halls of our schools. Our students and staff have built a supportive and welcoming environment by living with God in their hearts. And by addressing the body, mind, and spirit, our students are not only being inspired and shaped by Christian values, they’re gaining a top-notch education emphasizing college prep.

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​Milwaukee Lutheran High School​​
  • Located in Milwaukee, WI

  • Established in 1903

  • Student Body: Approx. 800+ students

  • Average Class Size: 20

  • Student/Teacher ratio is 16:1

  • 55% teachers with master's degrees

  • 100% acceptance rate for college

  • Over 350 students participate in band or choir.

  • Offers a personalized journey with the Red Knight Institute, currently delivered through 5 branches: Honors Academy, Career Academy, Urban Education Academy, Free Enterprise Academy, and the Art Academy.

  • Huge athletic campus with more than 45% student participation in one of the 20 co-curricular and seasonal sports teams. Member of the Woodland Conference.

Milwaukee Lutheran High School will lead urban Christian Secondary Education globally. Embracing a large student population, the school will serve students from various academic and religious backgrounds. Milwaukee Lutheran High School will be differentiated by its unwavering commitment to raising disciples of Jesus Christ, service to spiritual and physical needs, pursuit of excellence in academics and activities, and comprehensive, personalized education opportunities that prepare students for service to their world.

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​Martin Luther High School
  • Located in Greendale, WI

  • Established in 1968

  • Student Body: 600+ students

  • Student/Teacher ratio is 14:1

  • 22% of '21 graduates earned a 4.0+ GPA

  • More than 90% of graduates go on to higher education.

  • 70+ Elective Courses, 30+ College Credit Courses.

  • 16+ different fine arts opportunities.

  • More than 85% of students participate in at least one of the 30 co-curricular programs or 20 seasonal sports teams. Member of the Metro Classic Athletic Conference.

  • New, on-campus student housing for boarding students.

Martin Luther High School will be the community leader in being willfully Christian, engaging, and relationship-driven in all areas of school life. We will exhibit a culture of support and accountability. Martin Luther High School will differentiate itself by providing a challenging, comprehensive college preparatory program of study for our learners. We will serve a community that reflects the ethnic demographic makeup of the United States of America.

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Lake Country Lutheran High School
  • Located in Hartland, WI

  • Established in 1999

  • Student Body: Approx. 350 students

  • Average Class Size: 18

  • Student/Teacher ratio is 16:1

  • 99% teacher retention in 10 years

  • The average student takes 5+ AP or Dual Credit classes before graduating.

  • New fine arts auditorium and classrooms.

  • 8 WIAA state championships. Member of the Midwest Classic Conference.

Lake Country Lutheran is dedicated to nurturing every facet of a young person’s life. What makes LCL unique is that we will intentionally focus on the Gospel message of Jesus Christ as the most important aspect of our school. LCL will have an unwavering commitment to excellence. We will emphasize appropriate, respectful, and dignified relationships with students and our faculty and staff. We develop future leaders by providing relevant, rigorous academics and life preparation from a Christian worldview.

​Mount Calvary Lutheran School
  • Located in Milwaukee, WI

  • Established in 1925

  • Joined the LHSAGM in 2021

  • Student Body: 150+ students

  • Average Class Size: 20

  • Student/Teacher ratio is 15:1

  • 80% of graduates go onto a LHSAGM high school

  • Supervised before and after-school care

  • Offers art, music, and athletics 

  • Extra emphasis on reading and comprehension 

Mount Calvary Lutheran School is a 4K-8th grade school in the City of Milwaukee. We strive to bring Christ's hope to the heart of the city. Our passion is to teach God's children through His Word to be Christ-like witnesses and productive people in society. With our dedicated teachers and community of Christian parents, Mount Calvary reinforces the value of the church, home, and community. We provide your child with the influences and opportunities that equip your child for high school and beyond.   

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Trinity Lutheran Classical High School​​
  • Located in West Allis, WI

  • Established in 2023

  • Student/Teacher ratio is 6:1

  • Offers music and athletics through a partnership with Martin Luther High School


Trinity Lutheran Classical High School employs a long-standing educational model called the Trivium to provide a wide basis of knowledge that will serve our students their whole lives.  The Trivium focuses on three pillars: acquiring information (grammar), intellectually grasping that information (logic), then taking that knowledge and using it purposefully (rhetoric). These pillars give our students the tools to learn any life skill, and they enrich the traditional liberal arts with a robust knowledge of American history and government, art, and literature, preparing students to study the higher sciences. And finally, these educational pursuits are undergirded by Lutheran education, fusing theology into all areas of study.

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