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Establishing a Fund

Building and growing dynamic Christian schools is only possible with an extensive support system and community. And we are blessed by the continually increased engagement of our collective school communities. It costs more than we can collect in tuition to equip our students with great opportunities and caring teachers. The LHSAGM Foundation's goal is to support our schools long-term through the growth of restricted funds and endowment funds. The most common way to grow these funds is through gifts, pledges, and estate plans.  

Gifts & Pledges

By restricting gifts, we can honor our donors' wishes and grow the LHSAGM Foundation to serve our students better now and into the future. Donors have the option to create a fund or to contribute to an existing fund.


Estate Planning

Some funds are established now but funded in the future through a will, trust, estate plan, or beneficiary designation. The Diamond Society was established to acknowledge the significant impact of those who leave their legacy through estate planning.  


The LHSAGM Foundation is committed to helping families and individuals navigate the estate planning process and complete a will or a living trust. This is a free service for our school families,alumsi, and friends of our schools. Please click the button below to learn more about estate planning. You can also contact Andy LockeChris Root, or Preston Hoffman for information on how to start the estate planning process.

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