Establishing a Fund

Building and growing three dynamic school comes with a certain cost. The LHSAGM Foundation is committed to supporting  our schools long-term through the growth of our endowment. The pictures below represent a just a portion of the many people who have established a “restricted fund” within The LHSAGM Foundation. Many of these funds are established now, but funded in the future through their will, trust, estate plan, or a beneficiary designation. By restricting these gifts, we are able to honor our donors’ wishes, and grow the endowment to better serve our students now and into the future.


Only 42% of U.S. adults have estate planning documents like a will or a living trust. For those with children under 18, the figure is even lower with just 36% having an end-of life plan. Do you need a will or trust and don’t know where to start? The LHSAGM is committed to helping families and individuals navigate the estate planning process and complete a will or a living trust. Contact Andy Locke, Chris Root, or Preston Hoffman for information on how to start the estate planning process.

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