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Mount Calvary Lutheran School is in discussions to become the fourth school of the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee (LHSAGM). Currently serving as a church and school, Mount Calvary has been passionately bringing Christ’s hope to the heart of the city for over 95 years.

Pastor Dan Czaplewski of Mount Calvary wrote to the congregation and staff, “As we looked for ways to better serve our students and to provide more resources for our teachers in their ministry, it became clear that the best way to do this was to have Mount Calvary Lutheran School become a part of the LHSAGM.”

By joining the LHSAGM, Mount Calvary Lutheran School will have the full support of LHSAGM administrative services such as finance and marketing while maintaining its own school culture and personality. Mount Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church will remain independent and continue to support the school ministry through spiritual leadership and facilities management.

CEO Cole Braun of LHSAGM says, “Since 1952, Mount Calvary has been a close partner in supporting our mission of Sharing Jesus, Shaping Lives, and Developing Leaders. With 80% of Mount Calvary’s 8th grade class already attending our high schools and the natural alignment in our mission statements, we know that we can better serve our families together.”

By combining efforts and resources, Mount Calvary and the three LHSAGM high schools (Milwaukee Lutheran, Martin Luther, and Lake Country Lutheran) will add organizational efficiencies that make them even “Better Together” in serving the community.


About the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee

Established in 1903, Lutheran High School, was originally a joint venture of the Missouri and Wisconsin Synods. In 1952, twenty-seven Missouri Synod congregations (including Mount Calvary) founded the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee. Milwaukee Lutheran High School was built in 1955 and started with 804 students at the new location. Martin Luther High School became the second school of the LHSAGM in 1968 with 85 students. Lake Country Lutheran High School became the third school of the LHSAGM in 1999 with 5 students in the narthex of Divine Redeemer Lutheran Church. At these three high schools, the LHSAGM currently serves over 1,800 students with a faculty and staff of 250.

About Mount Calvary Lutheran School

Mount Calvary Lutheran School started in 1925 with 9 students in a duplex on 53rd and Locust. In 1927, its first school building with two classrooms was built as an addition to the church. Increasing enrollment between 1948-2007 prompted multiple building expansions for a library, gym, kitchen, computer room, science lab, and additional classrooms. Today, Mount Calvary is blessed to serve 170 students and their families.

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