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Giving Levels

When you give to the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee, you become part of a community of donors who are united in their support of our Mission, Vision and our Core Values. We are honored and grateful to celebrate those who support the LHSAGM. All gifts are important to us, whether they support our Legacy Funds, capital projects, sponsorships, corporate matching gifts, or estate gifts and individual endowments. All your gifts allow us to better serve the students and families of our three high schools.

Recognizing donors through societies is common among educational associations like ours. Because many give multiple times a year, have automatic reoccurring gifts, or give to multiple projects at multiple schools, they may not always realize the breadth of their impact on an annual basis and their lifetime giving to our schools.

With this purpose in mind, the LHSAGM Legacy Society has established four giving levels. They are reflective of both annual giving and lifetime giving. We hope this helps you better understand your legacy of giving to the LHSAGM, and to better understand the depth of our appreciation for your financial support annually and through your lifetime. Together, this will be our legacy.

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